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Research and Campaigns

Citizens Advice Bedford delivers a Research & Campaigns service which is part of 2nd line services.

The objective of the Research and Campaign team at Citizens Advice Bedford is to influence policy, both locally and as part of a national Citizens Advice network, by submitting evidence-based papers on local issues. The benefits of being part of a national network are the influence Citizens Advice is able to leverage on government policy and highlighting the effects of new legislation.
The team have been extremely busy producing relevant and evidence-based reports on issues highlighted by our clients.

Please see below for the published reports:

COVID-19: Monitoring Impact on Clients and Issues Raised
A series of incrimental reports to monitor the impact the Covid-19 crisis has on both clients and the issues they raise as the crisis develops.

Report 1 - 12th April 2020

Report 2 - 4th May 2020
Report 3 - 18th May 2020
Report 4 - 4th June 2020
Report 5 - 6th July 2020
Report 6 - 8th August 2020
Report 7 - 8th September 2020
Report 8 - 7th October 2020
Report 9 - 11th November 2020



Coping With Life


Young People & Thier Issues
Universal Credit & Associated Issues 


The cost of self-employment
Benefits & Tax Credits
Trends in workload


Issues clients face with mental health conditions
Opening a basic bank account


The State of Bedford Report Update 2017


The State of Bedford Report 2015
Needs of Migrant Communities 2015
Rough Sleepers in Bedford 2016 
The Homeless in Bedford 2016
Health and Wellbeing 2016


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