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Advice & Assisted Digital Service

Citizens Advice Bedford's 'first line' advice delivery to the public is the day to day responsibility of the Service Delivery Manager - Advice. CAB offers a variety of confidential and convenient advice channels to our clients which mean that no matter if you're at home, out and about or at work you will be able to access timely and accurate advice, for your problems, when you need it.

 Ben Coutts
 Service Delivery Manager

Since 2017 Citizens Advice Bedford delivered 55,678 pieces of advice to 30,000 people.

If you wish to get advice or just have a question you wish to ask in person then just pop along to our offices. As you can imagine we are extremely busy, however, we don’t operate an appointment system. In fact our average time from arrival to seeing our dedicated and friendly colleagues is only 5 minutes!

We also offer an assisted digital service. If you need help with filling in an online form or struggle to use a computer one of our trained 'techie' colleagues will get you up and running (we'll set you up with an email too). 

We know it's not always possible to visit us in person so take advantage of our exclusive Bedford Borough advice telephone service or email us your problem. Nearly 45% of our clients accessed advice this way.

Once we know about your problem and what you want the outcome to be we will work with you to find the best way forward. It could be as simple as giving you some information by our colleagues at client services or providing you with 1 to 1 help by one of our trained advisers. If your problem is particularly complex we have the subject matter experts to assist you.

Whatever your problem and circumstances you can rest assured our service is friendly, confidential, free and non-judgemental.

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